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About Us
Baja Gay Guide® | Baja Men®: The Premier Destination for LGBTQ+ Travelers

Since our inception in 2009, Baja Gay Guide® | Baja Men® has proudly stood as Baja California Sur's premier publication and online destination for LGBTQ+ visitors. We are honored to be the first LGBTQ-oriented publication to receive official recognition from the local community.

Our Mission:
  • To Illuminate: We aim to enlighten potential visitors about the vibrant culture, rich history, and diverse experiences that Mexico, and Baja California Sur, in particular, offer.

  • To Inspire Travel: We actively work to boost gay and lesbian tourism by widening our distribution network to key Mexican cities, including Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and crucial airport hubs. We also collaborate with LGBT travel professionals and community centers across Canada and the U.S. to encourage exploration and discovery.

  • To Foster Inclusion: By forging strategic alliances with various businesses and organizations, we seek to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion, extending an invitation to allies who wish to engage with the LGBTQ+ community.

  • To Advocate for Equal Representation: Our advertising platform champions equality, allowing advertisers to self-identify their affinity with the LGBTQ+ community—be it as allies, straight-friendly, or gay-friendly—and ensuring no one misses the chance to share their offerings with our readers.

  • To Engage and Entertain: Our readers deserve content that captivates and informs, which is why our bilingual magazine is filled with compelling articles, exclusive interviews, and vibrant features—all in an approachable and portable format.

  • To Give Back: Commitment to our community goes beyond words. We support LGBTQ+ causes in Baja California Sur and throughout Mexico by partnering with media outlets and dedicating a share of our revenue to reputable non-profit organizations making a difference.

At Baja Gay Guide® | Baja Men®, we are more than just a guide; we are a gateway to experiences, a platform for stories, and advocates for a world that embraces every color of the rainbow.

Let's Work Together

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